It was said that the rock group Cool For August were the architects of Emo Rock (Hits Magazine 2006). For lead singer & songwriter Gordon Vaughn, this recognition simply wasn’t enough to remain complacent. So he traded in his complacency for the opportunity to be a part of the next-gen sonic landscape of alternative rock; a style Vaughn feels is on the cusp of a new wave of rock music that will recapture its rightful place at the top of pop culture.  

Gordon Vaughn

1500 Pieces embodies the spirit of Indie Rock & Pop music with big hooks and soaring vocal melodies, blended with modern synth tracks, melodic bass & guitar hooks, deep pocket beats, & sparse percussive grooves. The result is a soundscape that invokes a time when musical expression had no limits and creativity had no formats, while paying homage to alternative trailblazers such as M83, Daft Punk, Muse, & David Bowie.

As huge music fans, they pride themselves on their love of all musical styles and genres. “All of us are connected on so many different musical levels, says Shives. This melodic & musical cohesion, combined with vocals reminiscent of Bowie (Billboard Mag), Freddie Mercury (Matt Pinfield-MTV), and Hosier (fans), results in a lustrous & hooky Nu-rock pop sound that’s sure to please the ears of many fans of many different music genres! 

Drew Shives

1500 Pieces is currently planning their upcoming tour in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, slated for July 2019. Check out their new singles “Don’t Ask Me” & “Maybe” on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and more…

Zan Patterson